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All eyes on Club De Cuervos, a Netflix Original

Written by: Carolina Rios Soto

Who’s ready for the latest hit shows this season?! With so much to stream nowadays, finding a show or series that has you hooked is like finding the best café con leche in town – you just can’t get enough. So, you can only imagine how I felt when I stumbled upon “Club de Cuervos”. This Netflix Original reeled me in because it makes fun of the famous “Mirrey” trend that is commonly used among the “rich kids” in Mexico.

The series narrates the ups and downs of a well-known soccer team, “Cuervos,” in Mexico after the death of the team’s president. Luis Gerardo Mendez, who’s known for his remarkable performance in the movie “Nosotros Los Nobles,” plays the role of Chava Iglesias. He is the president’s son, a spoiled, immature, and selfish young man who is in constant fight with his sister, Isabel Iglesias, for the soccer club presidency.

Even though Isabel is the oldest, Chava automatically becomes the president after their father’s death simply because he is the son. Chava’s poor and selfish decisions have an impact on the team and ultimately there are many consequences to pay that affect everyone’s lives.

I won’t disclose much more, but what I am happy to see is that Netflix has opened its doors to the Latino, Spanish speaking, Bilingual and Millennial community, and is capturing new trends among Mexican TV shows while avoiding the classic Telenovela style.

In addition, I found it interesting that “Clube de Cuervos” embedded opportunities to merchandise brands such as Corona, Nextel, Under Armour and Mexican magazines like Quien.

So if you’re in for fun, dramatic, and extravagant, then this Mexican comedy will have you binge watching till the end! Congratulations Netflix for making a hit; and now we can’t wait for season 2!

Written by: Carolina Rios Soto