Domino’s Pizza Approaches Hispanics with Stories of Inspiration

Dominos Pizza

Domino’s Pizza introduces their new Hispanic marketing approach with the help of Austin based Hispanic Ad agency LatinWorks, and launches a new TV campaign hoping to “inspire” Hispanics prefer their Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza is not done transforming itself yet. They completely changed their pizza recipe with their “Turnaround” campaign in 2009, and now they are seeking to lure the Hispanic population by changing the way they market their pizza to them. Traditionally, Domino’s would focus on product and value promotions to attract the Hispanic community. Now, they are forming a connection with the public by choosing real employees and highlighting the opportunity the company provides to reach the American dream.

The new TV spot focuses on the success story of Mauricio Arroyave, a man who began working at Domino’s passing flyers at the age of 19, and now owns 10 stores in the Chicago area.

Personally, I believe the campaign is great because it targets the fast growing population of Hispanic millennials who strive for success and recognition. By reminding us that Domino’s presents us the opportunity to grow,  they are also demonstrating us they value the concept of hard work; a more than  common trait among Hispanics.

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