EA Sports “FIFA Street” Scores With Latino Gamers

The much-anticipated launch of EA Sports fourth FIFA Street game, the first in almost as many years, is almost upon us. Latino soccer fans have been particularly excited ever since EA announced, in November 2011, that Argentine footballer Lionel Messi signed a deal to become the new face of the FIFA franchise. Messi, as he is known to his fans, is featured on the cover and will be part of a pre-order bonus package that features a Lionel Messi Barcelona-themed venue and 13 of the world’s greatest players.

“To all those who think we just like to cr*p on brands,” writes blog Latino Rebels, “we actually love brands with edge and with authenticity. We love brands that roll with our vibe and make us feel like the soccer punks that we are. After checking out the demos and the trailers and then finding out the MESSI is on the cover of the FIFA STREET, we are so down.”

FIFA Street Cover Art

What’s exciting to Latin fans is that FIFA Street takes the prowess of Lionel Messi off the field and puts it in the street, giving the game what producer Sid Misra calls “swagger.”

That swagger inspired youtube mashup artist called elbuengallo to create the below video featuring live-action and animated clips. Elbuengallo adds that, in America, soccer is something for suburban families, but in Latin America, most soccer stars begin their careers in the streets. What could be more appealing to a young, male demographic?

FIFA Street Mashup – De la calle al videojuego / From the street to the game

The answer to that question: Social gaming. FIFA Street is employing a “The Street Network” which allows gamers to record video of themselves pulling off impressive tricks and send it to their friends.

“This is what we love about it,” Latino Rebels adds. “You can submit your video to the game and TRASH TALK, BRAG, SHOW YOURSELF OFF. This is what EA SPORTS is saying and if they deliver, this is exactly the kind of social gaming we are looking for.”

FIFA Street launches March 13, 2012 for PS3 and Xbox.

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