Five Places On TV You Might Not Expect To Reach Latinos

SPEED Channel's WebsiteA recent study from a TV ad marketing firm says that 37% of Hispanics in the United States cannot be reached through Spanish-language television. This includes networks like Univision, Telemundo, ESPN Deportes, Gala, GOL TV, Mun2, Telefutura, Tr3s and Aza. Any Latino in America could tell you this, but American marketers are not always privy to living with a real, live Latino in their homes. Enter Dave Morgan, CEO and founder of New York-based Simulmedia, (the company that performed the study), who is also married to a Mexican woman.

According to Morgan, his wife and daughters speak Spanish to one another and comprise a classic, bilingual Hispanic household. “Their Mexican identity impacts our food, clothing, entertainment, travel, current affairs conversations and much of our product purchasing. Nevertheless, while they watch some Spanish-language movies, we watch virtually no Spanish-language network television.”  So where are Hispanics who comprise bilingual, mostly-English and English-only households congregating on television according to Morgan? Read on:

Late night sports networks

We know Latinos love sports, but did you expect them to make up 53% of Golf Channel’s audience mid-week? According to Simulmedia’s study the do, along with comprising 54% of SPEED’s audience mid-week, and 40% of the audience watching ESPN News.


Hispanics were 68% of LOGO’s midweek daytime audience. So much for the socially conservative reputation Hispanics always get saddled with.


Daytime, midweek was also a popular time for Hispanics to tune into G4 with 37% of the audience being comprised of Digitinos.


Today’s Latino is concerned about the environment, too. Twenty five per cent of Planet Green’s audience is comprised of this demographic.


Latinos are religious about their money, apparently. According to the study, Hispanics are 30% more likely to watch FOX Business on Sunday mornings than non-Hispanics.

Morgan agrees with our analysis that English-language programming will become more creative in its courtship of Latinos. “Hispanic marketing is certain to become more and more integrated with general market activities, and consumer marketers and their agencies will have to complement their Spanish-language advertising on TV with initiatives to reach Hispanics uniquely wherever they are, many times in non-Spanish programming.”