Hispanic Retail 360 Summit: Day One Trending


The 9th Annual Hispanic Retail 360 Summit started off with a bang! Over the next three days, the Mercury Mambo crew will share highlights of the action-packed Summit in this daily trending report. Please be sure and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news as well as on Instagram to see all the action!

Trending Today:

A new city. A great venue. The Red Rock provides a perfect backdrop for all the networking you can imagine. The convention wing is spacious and beautiful. And while the casino and spa are tempting, I think this year’s content will keep everyone’s attention.
2. The ImpreMedia “Networking Poken
A high-tech gadget that allows you to simply tap your gadget with someone else’s to instantly trade contact information. Then plug the USB-enabled gadget into your computer and bam! Instant contact. I am a bit old-school so I may still trade some business cards, but people are “poken” away from what we can see.
3. Millennial Differentiators – Empowerment, Cause Marketing & Technology
Our own Jose Espinoza kicked off the conference with a great presentation “Generation of Innovation, Mobile & Social”, pointing out the key differentiators of Latino Millennials vs. general market. Presentation partners Dennise Devlin with Consumer Clarity and Victoria Clark of Gravy highlighted real world examples of these differentiators in action. (email us for a copy of the presentation)
4. Bilingual Millennials
The fastest growing segment among Latino millennials, far surpassing expectations from 10 years ago when it was forecast this segment would actually decrease!
5. Latina Power
Latinas are striving to be 200%ers. 100% American, 100% Latina! And they have the social media prowess to make some real noise. Marketers get ready!
Looking forward to a full day tomorrow! Hoping Latina Luck will be with me at the tables tonight!