Hispanic TV Exploding In 2012

This year, so many Hispanic vehicles are coming to U.S. broadcast television there can be no question that marketers have seen the future and it’s Latino. This, of course, has everything to do with the tremendous sales growth Spanish-language TV has seen in 2011-12.

“The reported 2011/2012 upfront numbers were $1.75 billion for Univision, and $400 million for Telemundo, up 20% from the 2010/2011 upfront,” Antonio Ruiz, partner-communications planning at Hispanic ad agency Vidal Partnership told Variety.

The result is tremendous investment for 2012 in new Hispanic-aimed media properties. This year alone, Univision will gain a dozen networks. There’s an upcoming news and sports pay TV channel, a telenovela channel now on Dish Network, and six TuTV pay TV channels jointly owned with Televisa. But that’s just the beginning.

Set to launch this fall is MundoFox, a Spanish-language American channel from News Corporation‘s Fox International Channels and Colombian broadcaster RCN Televisión. The channel will try its hand with Colombian content. Meanwhile, Fox is currently sharing the Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony Latin American talent show vehicle Q’Viva! The Chosen with Univision.

Over at NBC Universal, marketers are gearing up for a heavy marketing blitz on their Latino property Telemundo which is a close competitor of Univision’s. Telemundo and it’s youth-aimed, bilingual music channel Mun2 have delivered more than 20% growth year-to-year, marking their best upfront season ever, according to Variety.

With that youth-oriented multiculturalism comes a multi-faceted marketing strategy. Lauren Zalaznick, chairman of NBCUniversal entertainment, digital networks and integrated media, says the company is utilizing their theme parks, studio, cable and broadcast networks, digital assets and Comcast’s leading position among cablers in the U.S. to collectively reach 93% of all Hispanics.

Speaking of Comcast, the country’s largest cable network announced last month they are launching two Hispanic networks as part of their agreement with the FCC to create more minority programming. One of those is Hispanic male-aimed network El Rey from famed director Robert Rodriguez. The other is a pre-school network called BabyFirst.

The future looks bright for Latino marketers as they find themselves in the right place at the right time to help brands navigate their ever-increasing Latino media options. There’s never been a better time to dive in.

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