Hispanics love eReaders & Tablets

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eReaders and Tablets really are the perfect technology for Hispanic families. Our millennial teenagers can catch up on their games. Abuelitos can now video chat with their nietos across the miles. And when mami rarely has some time to herself she can catch up on her favorite novelas posted on You Tube.

Hispanics love connectivity and are now investing in the means to be more connected than ever with high adoption of eReaders and Tablets. Recent studies by the Pew Internet and American Life Project show currently Hispanics make up 15% of both eReader and Tablet penetration. And those percentages TRIPLED over just six months.

Looking ahead, specifically Spanish-speaking Hispanics are planning to have a eReader and Tablet within the next year. In fact, their plans to purchase within the next year surpasses those of other ethnic groups.

So guess what will be on a lot of Latino’s Christmas lists this year….


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