“Let’s Go Crazy” An Act of Kindness Campaign

Written By: Camilla Rodriguez

For years we have enjoyed many of Coca-Cola’s successful, sentimental campaigns, as we all know their slogan: “Open Happiness”.

Personally I have always loved and admired Coca-Cola’s advertising strategy, not just because I am loyal to the brand itself but because I find it amazing how they capture excitement and happiness in just 30 seconds. You may not realize it but every time you see a new Coca-Cola ad you smile or laugh, either way it acts upon the idea of “Open  Happiness.”

With that being said, as a creative I decided to pick one of my favorite interactive Coca-Cola campaigns, which is called “Let’s Go Crazy.” Reflecting on this campaign is a great way to awaken kindness as the New Year begins and can even be celebrated in September since it’s recognized as the month for a Random Act of Kindness around the world. A random act of kindness shouldn’t need a specific date to be celebrated but officially the date is September 1st.

Coca-Cola gathered different random acts of kindness by random people and made it into the campaign “Let’s Go Crazy” directed by Henry Alex Rubin, who directed the Oscar nominated (Best Documentary) film called Murderball. The commercial spot itself took 6 months while filming in as many different countries possible.

From all the different acts, my favorite one is the guy that hangs all the swings around the city. His name is Jeff Waldman; he’s a Canadian Artist who came up with the idea to hang swings all over the city with the purpose to spread smiles everywhere. He started his project in Los Angeles that led to San Francisco, and later on spread internationally.

A look into Jeff Waldman’s inspiration:

Not only did he participate in one of Coca-Cola’s biggest international campaigns but Coca-Cola also supported him on taking his act of kindness to all of Latin America. They started in Argentina then took it from there making special appearances in different countries for one day where they would hang swings and make a Coca-Cola Festival to go along with it.

Swings go in Latin America:

En fin, for 2016 lets all go crazy and spread a little kindness.

Written by: Camilla Rodriguez