McCain + Daddy Yankee = Mas Gasolina?

Looking to “dale mas gasolina” into his campaign, John McCain has reached out to Daddy Yankee for support amongst young Latino voters.  This is a very unfamiliar endorsement, but an interesting one.  Daddy Yankee spoke out that his support for McCain was the result of his strong stance on immigration among other issues.

I want to throw this out there:  do you think this strategy works for McCain?

For one, Daddy Yankee is from Puerto Rico, and is, by default, a statutory U.S. citizen.  So, why would he be concerned about immigration?  One can argue that since his fan base is largely Latin American, immigration is a big issue for them, and contingently for him.

What do you think?

George Lopez is stumping for Obama and had some interesting things to say about immigration on Hannity and Colmes the other night (I can’t find the link, but if you have it, please post).