Camilla Rodriguez

Meet Mambo Intern Camilla Rodriguez Ferrero

Every semester we look forward to new Mambitos joining the crew. Our Fall Mambitos are here and ready to make the Mambo magic happen. This semester we invite you to meet Camilla Rodriguez Ferrero!

Hometown: Austin, TX

College: Universidad Véritas / Costa Rica

Major: Advertising Design

Education Focus:
My education was focused on advertising including creativity and strategy combined with graphic design. I learned all about strategy in advertising as well as skills in design.

How I heard about Mercury Mambo:
I heard about Mercury Mambo during my research for creative agencies in Austin Texas.

What I want to learn at Mercury Mambo:
The most important thing I want to achieve during an intern is to grow and learn more about strategy and grow my creativity in advertising.
Where would I like to take the lead?:
I would like to take the lead as a Creative Director; my goal in life is to become Don Draper (for those who understand my reference, I want to be known by my creativity and originality in the advertising industry). I want to be the brains behind every well-known campaign because I love coming up with new ideas and making them each time better than the other ones, I like to stand out.
Challenge juggling school and work:
The hardest part of juggling both school and work is time management. You have to make sure you are balancing out the time you put into your work and schoolwork, its important you have enough time to commit and give your best at great grades and great work performance.
Single activity that has most prepared for me for this internship:
The single activity that has mostly prepared me for this internship is the experience I have accumulated through the past couple of years. Working at different places with different job tasks has built up my skill set and at the same time shown me what I really want to be in my future career.