Mercury Mambo Blowing Up Hispanic Marketing Conferences In 2014

Mercury Mambo has been blowing up the conference scene this year as both Becky and Liz Arreaga moderate panels across the country.

Liz moderated the panel “How Gibson changed the game” at the Hispanic Marketing Symposium in Austin, Texas on June 4 with Robert Treviño of Gibson Guitars. For more information click here.

Becky moderated the music event panel at The New Generation Latino Consortium on June 3 in Beverly Hills, California. The panel underscored the importance of music in event marketing. For more info click here.

In August Becky will be a speaker at the Hispanic Retail 360 Summit in San Antonio, “From Total Chaos to Total Market: Unlocking & Unleashing Insights.” The panel will explore how data can be used to create a total market strategy:

While a total market strategy is essential for continued business growth, marketers struggle to understand and activate against such a diverse yet undefined audience. This session will help demystify implementing a total market strategy by showcasing a smart data platform that allows brands to visualize and activate their audiences through real-time insights. The presentation will take attendees through a deep dive on a consumer data set utilizing the digital platform. This exercise will uncover unique insights and demonstrate how to turn them into actionable total market strategies.

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