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Meet Mambo Intern Casey Hitchcock

We’re so excited to be working with a new group of Mercury Mambo interns for this Summer! Our newest member, Casey Hitchcok is interning remotely from Lubbock, TX. Meet Casey below!


Hometown: Texarkana, TX

College/University: Texas Tech University

Major/Minor/any other focus: Electronic Media and Communications, Business Administration


MM: What’s your education focus?

My major is Electronic Media and Communications, and my minor is Business Administration. These seem like two very different fields, but they work together well. For someone wanting to eventually own their own company, the business piece will definitely come in handy!


MM: How did you hear of Mercury Mambo?

I first heard about Mercury Mambo in a class. It was my Ethnicity, Race, and Gender class, and Becky Arreaga came to speak. I didn’t know much about it at the time, but I was interested in everything that she said. She talked about the company itself and its target market, but she talked about the atmosphere that they’re trying to create: one of positivity and acceptance, especially within a multicultural society. After speaking with her, it seemed to be perfect.


MM: As an intern – what is the single most important thing you want to learn at Mercury Mambo?

By being a part of Mercury Mambo, I want to create relationships within and around the company, but I also want to be a part of the global community that Mercury Mambo is connecting with. I love discovering cultures and being able to learn about other people, and this internship is the best opportunity to do so.


MM: Where would you like to take the lead in the Advertising Industry and why?

This passion for multicultural relationships is where I would like to focus my attention in the future. I believe that being aware of cultures and appreciating them is the driving force for many companies, and if it isn’t, it should be. I am a strong advocate for international travel if possible, and I study culture even outside of academia. Promoting multicultural cooperation and being involved in various cultures throughout my career is what I think will put me ahead of the competition in the advertising industry.


MM: What is most challenging about juggling school and work?

I have always been a very organized person, and my calendar is a good representation of that. Even so, time management has always been a challenge for me because I want to be involved with so much. The best way I’ve found to be organized is to keep everything in my calendar and my phone. My calendar lets me see what I need to do everyday, and my phone notifies me to remind me of events and tasks. This organization plays a large part in this internship for me.


MM: Single activity that has most prepared you for this internship?

Aside from organization, I think I am most prepared to be a part of a company such as Mercury Mambo due to my involvement in KTXT-FM Lubbock, the student radio station at Tech. I am in charge of production, and that is a role that has taught me leadership and how to interact with administration, as well as co-workers and volunteers.