Mexican Political Ad Gets 2 Million Views; Gets Taken Down

A political ad from Mexico went viral this week in that country and the United States for its stunning portrayal, by child actors, of ordinary Mexican people, many of whom are engaged in illicit activities. The sponsoring organization, Nuestro Mexico del Futuro, (Our Future Mexico), produced the spot to kick off a campaign for kids to send in videos of their vision of Mexico’s future. Produced in an election year, the commercial calls on Mexico’s leaders to focus on fixing the system rather than keeping it status quo.

Two political parties, PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) and PT (Partido del Trabajo), called the video a “human rights violation” for its use of child actors to portray criminals.

After receiving 2 million views on YouTube, the video posted on Nuestro Mexico del Futuro’s YouTube account and website, was taken down. Since then, NMF has declined to explain why they took it down, but told Mexican news source Milenio that they are focused on “the visions of children” and will no longer promote the original video, nor will they do any more interviews about it.

Milenio says the Nuestero Mexico del Futuro movement is sponsored by Mexican insurance company GNP.