M&M Commercial Courts Lovers Of Chocolate & William Levy


A recent M&M spot that began airing this month features telenovela and Dancing with the Stars Latin heartthrob William Levy—the only man in the world who can hold a woman’s attention while chocolate is on the screen. The spot called “One Track Mind” features Levy & a light brown M&M called Ms. Brown—a color that has been highlighted in other spots of late. In “One Track Mind,” Levy & Ms. Brown are having lunch at an outdoor café where they argue over whether Levy’s love for Ms. Brown is superficial.

“Wow, you look delicious today,” Levy tells her.

“Delicious?” Ms. Brown responds. “Honestly, sometimes I think you only like me because I’m an M&M’s.” (Really, Mars, Inc? Who on earth calls a single M&M an M&M’s? Relate to your audience!)

“That’s not true,” William reassures her. “What matters to me most is what’s on the inside.”

“I’m pure milk chocolate on the inside,” Ms. Brown reminds him.

“And that’s what I love about you,” He agrees.

“I thought you loved me for my brain.”


“Is that made of chocolate, too?” Levy wonders aloud.