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Multicultural Millennials Redefining Luxury – Part 2

The Multicultural Millennial market is a force to be reckoned with. Their excitement for lavish products set them apart against other markets’ buying power.

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The desire to aspire towards greater goods places them at the top of the market, and the power they hold as a huge population is tilting the market in their favor.

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While all pieces seem like they fall into place for marketers, a conventional approach will be an #EpicFail.

Here are SIX THINGS imperatives for connecting with Multicultural Millennials! 

1. Go Beyond the Mirror: Multicultural millennials want inclusive advertising not advertising isolation. They want to see their world reflected – in other words, multiple races, multiple generations, multiple personalities, multiple environments. This can also be applied to language, values and spirituality where they are more important than what is actually being said.

2. Transparency Trumps: Multicultural millennials want a mutual relationship that centers around respect and honesty. Trying to force a connection will not bode well, and are throwing typical conventions out the window.

3. Headlines Fall Short: Storytelling deepens connections.

4. Digital & Social Connections Matter: Digital natives means that visibility and relevance needs to reflect the digital age. Meet them where they are, and connect through social cues that are sincere to spread a message.

5. Encourage Purpose & Action: Reputation is extremely important to millennials. More and more companies that have poor personalities/values are being called out and shunned by the masses. Brand reinforcement needs to reflect positive philanthropies and mentalities.

6. Relation & Referrals Deepen Engagement: Keep a two way conversation with the consumer, be open to ideas/changes based on the popular opinion and reward them on their loyalty. How you build upon the relationship you’ve created will encourage and enable positive referrals to their networks.

My final recommendation: PRINT THIS LIST AND KEEP IT HANDY.  Over the next 3 months, refer to the list as you review your brand planning decks, evaluate key holiday and promotional campaigns and explore new consumer acquisition strategies. Can you check all the boxes? If not, challenge your team and agencies to dig a little deeper. Or call us! We’ll be happy to help!