Music as a means to targeting the Hispanic market

It’s always a challenge to come up with new and exciting ways to promote a brand.  In the case of Los Felinos de la Noche, we think State Farm struck gold.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how State Farm created and then utilized Los Felinos de la Noche as a viral, brand-strengthening tool.

A brand creating a band as a marketing tactic.  Rather than using an established musician to sing the company’s praises, State Farm helped a fledgling music group get off the ground (a metaphor for the support State Farm offers a new customer). The campaign was targeted primarily at first-generation Mexican immigrants.

“Los Felinos de la Noche was brought to life to represent an extraordinary human tie that shaped a new, genuine and deeper relationship between State Farm and Hispanics.”
Source: Alma DDB.

In the past, State Farm has spent considerably less on Hispanic advertising than other big name insurance companies (i.e. Allstate).  In 2008, State Farm radically upped spending to $84 million on TV, print, and radio, a $45 million increase from 2007, according to Nielsen.

State Farm wanted to establish a unique and memorable connection to Hispanics that was more personal than direct.  Los Felinos de la Noche were just a couple of guys working in construction before making it as a band.  Fire Advertainment’s creative director, Christian Reslen, commented that, “Latinos can reflect themselves in the lives of these guys.”

Alma DDB was looking to create a break-through brand experience that would connect Hispanic consumers to State Farm’s message in a personal way.  The band/brand concept was developed following an audition for a State Farm TV commercial.

Alma DDB president/chief creative officer said, “music is definitely a passion connection to Hispanics, so we will always look at music as an opportunity to create branded entertainment.”  Advertainment integrates advertising and entertainment through such mediums as telenovelas, gaming, and music.

The Los Felinos song “Ahi Estoy” echoes the tagline of the State Farm campaign, but doesn’t mention State Farm itself.  The video was not used in ads – instead, it was spread virally online, during the tour, and in an episode of Univision’s beauty contest reality series “Nuestra Belleza Latina.”  State Farm went on to promote and sponsor Los Felinos de la Noche in a concert tour, on TV spots, and in various other appearances.

When & Where
2008 – concerts in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA.  Various other TV spots and promotions, including on Univision (Nuestra Belleza Latina).

Alma DDB in conjunction with Fire Advertainment on behalf of State Farm.