Nestle Targets Hispanics For Back-To-School


Nestle Ad

We had to search the internet far and wide to find a back-to-school campaign aimed at Latinos, but leave it to Nestle USA to be the one to do it. The food company with a long history of courting the Hispanic market, both in this country and in Latin

America, is holding a back-to-school marketing promotion for consumers to win $1000 for themselves and their schools.

The contest, which runs from August 27 to September 21, features a chance to win free backpacks filled with Nestle products and school supplies, a Favorite Lunch Box contest, and a free downloadable, bilingual book for the kids.

Nestle Ad

“Our El Mejor Nido Back-to-School program is designed to provide support and inspiration for Latino families” Juan Carlos Motta, head of Nestle’s Emerging Markets division told Portada. The El Mejor Nido website features a slew of Back-to-School articles in English and Spanish, with topics like a list of things to ask the teacher at a parent-teacher conference, lunch box recipes, and how to be more organized on the first day of school.

When you consider the changing face of schools in this country, it’s a wonder more brands aren’t going this in-depth with their back-to-school marketing to Latinos.