Ram Trucks New Campaign Features Juanes

JuanesRam Trucks have launched a new bilingual ad campaign featuring Colombian singer Juanes. With Latino customers being most prominent in many of the states that are most crucial to the pickup-truck segment, and Ram 1500 and 2500 being among Ram’s best-selling nameplates to Hispanic buyers, it made sense for Ram to fork out the money to acquire the 17-time Grammy-winning mega-star. Ram created a new series of television, print and radio ads that will run in English and Spanish in the top-volume U.S. Hispanic markets for Ram trucks on channels like Telemundo and Univision as wall as Hispanic print media and online.

The spot features Juanes driving through a town in a Ram 1500, with the voiceover: “We all have our own set of challenges and to reach the big stage requires talent, desire, determination.” As Juanes loads an all-terrain vehicle into the bed of the truck, and heads for the back country, the announcer continues. “Finding a way to rise above, push our limits further. The 2013 Ram 1500. Because success is not the destination, it’s our journey. Ram. A Todo, Con Todo.”

“What’s interesting here is that Chrysler has created a completely separate campaign for Hispanic consumers,” Says Car Connection writer Richard Read. “It’s very common, of course, for automakers to run Spanish-language ads, but those ads tend to be very similar — if not downright identical — to their English-language counterparts. In this case, Chrysler has gone the extra mile, exploring ways to connect with Hispanic shoppers in a meaningful way. Given the growth of that demographic, the Ram could be laying the groundwork to catch up with competitors like the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado in the coming years.”

Fred Diaz, president and CEO of the Ram brand and of Chrysler de Mexico, told Forbes recently that Chrysler has been sort of “ham-handed” in dealing with Hispanic consumers in the past. “We dabbled with it a bit, and sometimes we’d get excited about it and told dealers we were going to get into it, and then as soon as budgets would get screwed down, the first thing to go was diversity marketing,” he said.

But Diaz, who hails from San Antonio, said it has always been a passion point of his to reach out to this group.

Finally last year, Chrysler began to recover financially and Ram pitched its first iteration the “A Todo, Con Todo” campaign which means, according to Diaz, “Give it everything you’ve got.” That campaign featured real Ram Truck drivers and was run in 15 markets. This year, with the addition of Juanes to the campaign, they expand to 17 markets.