Rock y Roll Radio to Record at the Mambo

Whoa, lots of r’s in the title.RRR

Anyways, get ready to Rock y Roll as the Triple R will record their next weekly radio show at the Mambo!

If you haven’t heard of Rock y Roll Radio, then where have you been?  They had over 80,000 hits as of last week!

On a personal note, this show introduced me to Vatosaurus, the most awesome Chicano dinosaur from East L.A.

pauldaciaOne awesome aspect that Paul and the crew put together is the awesome playlist lineup that regularly features rising stars in the US Latin Alternative world!

And, where better, of course, to find some of the most awesome US-based Latin alternative, than here in sunny, Austin, Texas.

Better yet, that isn’t the only genre of music that they focus on.  They can kick it old school.  Their first show had the one and only Grupo Mazz playing one of their oldies!

OK.  I’ll step off of my Tejano soap box…

¡Que viva Tejano!