The Abuelita Vote

The stats are in, and Hispanics voted for Obama/Biden by a margin of more than two-to-one, 66% versus 32% (source: Pew Hispanic Center).

It is a personally touching experience to be part of a movement that is fueling change. And this movement runs deep in my family as it starts with the votes of my 83 and 95 year old grandmothers.

Both my grandmothers experienced trying times: one raising seven children as a single mom, the other losing her one true love at a early age and left to care for nine children. Despite the circumstances, they persevered and raised successful families.

They recall the Great Depression and know what it is like to seriously be affected by a bad economy. They recall the segregation against Hispanics in San Antonio, and how even Hispanic men dressed in military uniforms could not enter a restaurant.

Despite all they experienced, they are optimistic and hopeful, and even more so about the President-elect. They anticipate the change Obama brings and are proudly talking it up within our family and at their adult day-centers with the other viejitos/as.

They believe the opportunities are boundless for Hispanics. If they can recognize (at their age) that change is coming, then we truly are very, very fortunate to live in this time.


thank you abuelas. thank you for your experienced vote.

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