The Case For Celebrity Endorsement To Reach Latinos Online

Marketers looking to reach the coveted Digital Latino would do well to consider using relevant celebrity endorsers in their ad campaigns. According to a new study by Pew Internet & American Life, Latinos are more likely to follow celebrities on social media like Twitter and Facebook than non-Latinos.

11% of Latinos say that reading comments from public figures is a major reason for using these sites (compared with just 3% of white users). Black and Latino social media users are also more likely to say that this is a minor factor (31% of blacks and 26% of Latinos say this, compared with 16% of whites).

The study goes on to say that Twitter users are more likely to use the medium to follow celebrities than Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn.


Fiat incorporated Jennifer Lopez’s latest single “Papi” to create a televised trailer that created 23 million viewers so far for the full video online at Vevo alone. See Jeniffer Lopez on Fiat commercial

Kohl’s Corporation also reported today that their third quarter profits rose 20% thanks to the popularity of exclusive products like celebrity clothing lines by Jennifer Lopez and estranged husband Marc Anthony.

Sofia Vergara did her brands one better by tweeting a photo of herself wearing jeans from her Kmart collection while shooting her new State Farm commercial. What could get more branded than that?!

One way celebrities leverage these followers to their advantage is to gain public support for their philanthropic work. Latino celebrities like Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson, Juanes and Shakira all have charitable foundations that access their fan base online. This dovetails nicely with research from the Cone Millennial Cause Study that shows Millennials are more socially conscious than their predecessors due to early access to social media.

Obviously celebrity endorsers are nothing new when it comes to marketing, but the news that Latinos are more apt to follow celebrities online, and care about what they have to say, is one more tool for marketers’ to use when brainstorming how to reach the elusive digitino.