Top 10 Essential Apps for Millennials

Photo Credit: Cristiano Betta

Smart phones are easily in the top 3 list of things millennials can’t do without. Whether it’s for keeping up to date on the latest hotspots, tracking your workouts, or sharing live moments for the world to tap-in on, “There’s an app for that!” With that in mind we searched and compiled the Top 10 Millennials Apps that are essential to making life easier, more fun and accessible.

1. Goodreads


This app is a great way to get book recommendations to read through your friends! Challenge yourself and others by setting goals and completing obstacles. I use it to track books that I am planning on reading, so when I get to the bookstore I don’t panic and buy the latest teen vampire romance novel. 



It helps to keep you updated on road conditions and traffic through a huge database of users sending reports to the app in actual time! This is a must when navigating through cities, or the much hated rush hours of the day. Seriously, the GPS that is pre-programmed into phones isn’t nearly as reliable as other motorists informing you of an accident or a road hazard that’s up ahead.

3. Dropbox

Essential for any millennial is to keep all important documents in folders that can be accessed anywhere. My personal favorite aspect of Dropbox is depositing all my phone pictures so I can erase them from my cell creating more storage, and still be able to have them neatly organized in folders on my Google account.

4. Venmo


Trying to split the bill with credit cards is a hassle and who carries cash with them nowadays. Instead try transferring money to your friends through Venmo and forget the IOUs! This is a great alternative to other money sending apps, and the functionality is a lot more user friendly.

5. Sleepbot


Not only will this track your sleep patterns, but Sleepbot will gently wake you up when you’re at your lightest sleep. This app will give you a great head start on your day, and let you know exactly how well rested you are.

6. GrubHub


Having food delivered is the best way to eat and GrubHub has over 30,000 restaurants on file! This is a must for days when you’re overloaded with work or don’t want to be seen in public. It can also be used to get reviews about places you’re thinking about trying.

7. Spotify


Music is the utmost importance to our generation and Spotify supplies us with a ton of features that are free. Plus if you want better sound quality or the ability to create playlists on the go, Spotify has discounted premium rates for students. 

8. My Fitness Pal


I used to never track my calories or steps, but with recent developments it has become trendy. Which is a win for any millennial looking to lose a few pounds or just trying to eat healthier! My Fitness Pal helps you keep a record of all the calories you’re ingesting and all the ways you’re burning fat, plus has tips for noobs like myself.

9. Uber


This app is literally a life-saver. Taxis are so 1999, with Uber you can pick which type of vehicle you want, and map out the rates depending on where you are traveling before you have to pay! Not to mention it is all paid electronically, so cash is never needed.

10. Periscope


Periscope is a newer app that is taking over the millennial market. Broadcast your own live web show and anyone in the world can jump in on and watch! I use it to live-stream concerts, watch celebs host Q&A’s, and even catch the sunset in London. This is my favorite app right now.

Written By: Sydney Meyer