Using Facebook’s New Brand Timeline To Reach Online Latinos

Last week Facebook launched the new Timeline layout for its brand pages, something multicultural marketing agencies should note because the latest numbers for 2012 show that the digital divide for online Latinos is closing.

In January 2012, online Hispanics comprised 15% of the total US online market. When you consider the Hispanic population is 16% of the total US population, that’s pretty amazing. The Hispanic market is growing more than three times as fast as the general market online. Based on this trend, says Hispanic Online Marketing, Hispanics will likely over-index in terms of online penetration in the relatively near future.

With their relative youth, (59% of online Hispanics are under 35 compared to 50% of non-Hispanics), Hispanics are a huge presence on social media and Facebook is at the top of the list with 85% growth from January 2011 to January 2012. That makes Facebook Brand pages something to consider when attempting to speak to this group.

Though the platform is only a week old, there are already companies that are standing out on Facebook Brand Timelines. Here are a few and how they’re doing it.


Coca Cola Facebook Timeline

Coca Cola, The New York Times and Ford were some of the brands picked by Ad Age for making excellent use of their timelines to give viewers an entertaining look back at their heritage.

With founding documents, early advertising, memos, news clips and photos, “It’s as if dozens of little corporate museums just launched on Facebook,” says Ad Age’s Michael Learmonth.

But brand history isn’t as important as customer history. Coca Cola does a great job of courting the Latino consumer by inserting testimonials. Here’s a screen grab of a photo from “James Martinez” who shares early memories of drinking Coca Cola while growing up in El Paso.

Personal Memories of a Brand on the Facebook Timeline


Starbucks uses their Brand Timeline to not only highlight their company history, but show off their innovative responsible business practices.

Philanthropy on the Starbuck's Facebook Timeline

More creative executions are sure to come as both Facebook and the brands that use it develop a greater understanding of how this social media platform can build a bridge to consumers.


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