Why Latino Marketers Should Know About Pinterest

Pinterest Beauty and Fashion Screen ShotPinterest is an online pin board social media site that has been around for almost two years, but exploded some 40 times in the last six months of 2011, turning it into one of the Web’s Top 10 social networks, according to tracking firm Hitwise. A visual moodboard that users can share publicly, it’s a fantastic new medium for tapping into the imaginations of your target audience.

Here’s how Pinterest works: Users, who gain access to Pinterest through invitation only, virtually pin images of interest from the internet onto their Pinterest page and share their pinnings publicly. You can repin your friends’ pinnings or browse the dozens of categories on the site.

Pinterest discourages users from blatantly promoting products, but the format is a great way for lifestyle brands to communicate a look and feel to their followers. Not to mention a picture is worth a thousand words—in English or Spanish.

If current trends continue, things look good for Latino marketers since 70% of Pinterest users are women and Nielsen reports that women of all ethnicities use media in similar ways with the exception of smart phones which ethnic women use at a far greater rate. (Just 33 percent of Caucasian women have a smartphone in their household, compared to penetration rates in the 60s for women of other ethnicities, a fact that marries nicely with Pinterest’s smart phone app.)

Besides using Pinterest as a mood board, Lauren Drell at Mashable Business recommends the following ways to use Pinterest for your brand:

  • Focus Groups: Those people following your brand on Pinterest are revealing all sorts of information through their own pinnings about their interests and passions. You can glean more visceral insights about your target audience than you’d never get from a verbal medium like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Crowdsource: Ask your followers to pin a photo of themselves using your brand and honor them on a special VIP pinboard.
  • Contests: Land’s End recently asked users to create a Pin It To Win It pinboard by pinning 10 to 20 images from the Land’s End site or repin them from the Land’s End Pinterest page. Entrants were to email the URL of their completed pinboard to Land’s End for a chance to win one of 10 $250 gift cards
  • Team Building: Mood boards aren’t just for your consumers. Your employees need to buy into your brand, too. Pinterest is a great way to inspire the people who work for you. “Pin logos and websites with good design, clever copywriting, images of possible team outings (bowling night or karaoke, perhaps), colors to figure out your new advertising palette or use it to brainstorm an upcoming campaign. By browsing Pinterest, you might even see items that could inspire your company’s next big idea, so keep that Pin It button handy.”
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