100+ Wise Latinas – Hispana Leadership Summit

Many “wise Latinas” gathered last week in Bastrop, Texas for the Hispana Leadership Summit hosted by Hispanic Magazine.

Talk about an air of confidence. It was empowering to be surrounded by creative and strong women that are challenging barriers, finding new business ventures and supporting important causes. The sessions focused on being fearless, taking risks, achieving dreams and smart financial planning.

And I truly walked away feeling a stronger commitment to each of these factors. The speakers had real and humbling experiences that I could relate to and seeing their success encouraged me to feel that I too can overcome my inner demons (let’s save that for another blog).

So now I am more determined to:

  • Confront perceptions
  • Speak up for myself
  • Present criticism like it was a gift
  • Prepare!
  • Always be results driven

With these personal commitments, I too will more proudly carry the banner of being a Wise Latina!

Carmen Murcia, Ingrid Hoffman, April Alejandro

Ingrid Hoffman