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14 Latinos You Have To Follow On Instagram

Latinos love using Instagram. According to one survey Hispanic use of Instagram far outweighed its use for non-Hispanics: 43.9% to 29.2%. In another, Latinos outnumbered whites, 18% to 11%.

This is one reason why many brands are starting to use Instagram to reach their customers, and a great opportunity for us to highlight our favorite Latinos and Latinas to follow on Instagram. They may not be the most famous or have the most followers, but they’re awesome for a bunch of different reasons.


We can’t seem to get enough of Selena, all these years later. This awesome account is a stream of never-before-seen photos, as well as classics, of the Tejana legend. It’s a great pick-me-up following this account that will leave you humming, “Bidi bidi bom bom.”

CancunShawty aka Chingo Bling

The Houston rapper/entrepreneur/clothing magnate/YouTube star is a hoot! Follow him for everything from updates on music/shows to see his latest clothing designs, sneak peeks of his YouTube videos and the most hilarious and risqué Latino-themed memes!


This Texas native makes stickers for your nails in uniquely Latino, and awesome, designs. If you want to see La Virgen de la Guadalupe, Selena, Loteria, Frida Kahlo or Día de los Muertos on your nails, this is the account for you. The coolest thing about this account is all the ideas for your own nails you can get from following.


If you love art, you’ve got to follow this account, because you’ve never seen anything like this! This Chilean artist takes historic icons and makes them cool, so cool you want to hang out with his paintings. Follow now!

Instabex aka Becky Arreaga. Okay, a little self-promotion, but Mambo’s President is fun, funny and spontaneous. You won’t regret a follow, we promise!


Mexico-based journalist Daniel Hernandez goes on some pretty awesome adventures as a book writer and current Mexico bureau chief for VICE News. If you’ve ever been to Latin America, you’ll recognize some of the awesome adventures Hernandez shares, if you haven’t, you don’t want to miss these.

Nicole_Mejia aka #FitAndThick

As the originator of the #FitAndThick hashtag, we appreciate Nicole’s promotion of healthy bodies that lie outside of the super skinny traditional beauty model. Plus, she’s smoking hot, so there’s that.


This account spotlights Mexico in ways you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. Part gorgeous photos, part gorgeous people and part society pages, this account offers a unique view of Mexico.


Texas native and famous photographer Penny De Los Santos takes amazing photos of anything, though currently she’s focused on food. Beautiful food. The kind of food that makes your mouth water. You will not regret following her…unless it’s lunchtime.


Cartoonist, satirist, writer, radio host, there are so many ways to describe Lalo Alcaraz, and you’ll find many more by following him. Whether it’s giving talks at universities, writing Fox’s upcoming “Bordertown” cartoon show, or painting his iconic Chicano-themed paintings, Lalo is always up to something interesting.


Lead singer for Girl In A Coma and solo artist is amazingly talented, beautiful and fun. See the world through her eyes.


This clothing company is using Instagram to reach bicultural millennials in ways that are appealing and interesting. It’s about selling clothes, but more importantly, about selling the brand as cool. Check it out.


What you need to know: La Banda Elastica covers Latin music in a way you’ve never seen it before. María Madrigal is a photographer who helps run the site, and her Instagram is at once beautiful and jarring.

And…drumroll please… MercuryMambo! Of course we had to get a little self promotion in there!

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