2013 SXSW Interactive – Our Brief Distillation


This year’s SXSW Interactive is showing maturity. Gone are the buzz brand launches and enter the big brand sponsors. Big brands at SXSW isn’t new and they’ve been seen on banners and promos every year. What is new, though, is big brands coming to the table (panel) with open hands and an admittance they don’t have the answers.

Big trend – reiteration of two channels very different and one of those aching to understand the other. Brand channels are reaching out to consumers to understand how they can genuinely enter the consumer’s social media channel. Genuinely participate and provide brand engagement while reducing intrusion, but creating recall.

The “it” thing at SXSWi 2013 – the Quantitative Self. People wanting to capture, track, analyze and gauge their digital (and human) self. We see it with Instagram, Nike Fuel Band and Facebook Timeline…and it isn’t new…it’s finally becoming a business and human puzzle begging for a solution. People want to live while documenting their life and we need technology to communicate and open up to sharing, comparing and providing insight.

Consumer insights are old hat. Personal insights pushing standard demographics analysis to the side – amazing. Enter the hyper-personal big brand recipe for life and how you live and understand your life. Hey Nike, how is my health? Facebook – what’s my influence? And Twitter…can we chat…constantly…and can you be my personal journal? Google glasses – what is this world around me?

Now you guys get together and tell me what I should do next.