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4 Latino Foodies You Need To Follow

By Pamela Patino

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well if you ask me that’s the way to everyone’s heart, especially people of Hispanic decent. In the Hispanic culture, family time revolves around the kitchen. Like the time you helped grandma with the tamales during Christmas or when you shared a few laughs with your family around the kitchen table while you waited for the food to be ready. Regardless of your experience, we can all agree: Latinos love food!

Not only are Latinos food lovers, they’re also passionate. And when you combine the two, you get some of the most amazing Hispanic Foodies! Here are some blogs that you need to follow.

The Sweet Life

Vianney Rodriguez, founder of The Sweet Life, was raised by two Mexican parents in south Texas. On her blog she mentions that she gets her inspiration from her childhood memories and South Texas cuisine. She offers recipes that range from salsas to dessert. Follow her on Instagram or visit her website to see her express herself through delicious foods!

Hungry Sofia

Ana Sofia Pelaez found her passion for food when her Cuban grandparents gave her their old mixer. She remembered spending time watching her grandparents bake with that very same mixer and was determined to use it. That led her to become a food expert. She says she tries to capture the contentment that good food promises in her blog entries. Which to me, that’s a beautiful thing!

Sofia not only offers recipes that range from breakfast foods to beverages but she also offers cooking techniques. Experience some of that contentment on her website or follow her on Instagram.

Street Gourmet LA

Bill Esparza is a musician that loves food! Bill may live in North Hollywood, California, but believes you aren’t really living if you’re not traveling. He loves to travel to different places and try the local cuisine. He covers everything from street food in Los Angeles to local restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Join him as he experiences the world through food and travel on his website or follow him Instagram.

From Argentina with Love

Rebecca Caro first fell in love with Argentinean culture and food when her husband took her to meet his parents in Argentina. She created the blog to share her food experiences and to teach people about Argentinean culture. In her blog she says that Argentinean food not only fills the stomach but the soul, too. It’s not just food; it’s a part of her now. On her blog she shares recipes of authentic Argentinean food as well as stories of her trips to Argentina. Explore Argentina with Rebecca on her website or follow her on Twitter.