Abuelas nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

abuelas The Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo are a group of “grandmas” dedicated to making a positive and meaningful impact on their community. This group of non governmental human rights activists have been dedicated to fighting for the promotion of human rights for the past 30 years.

Since 1977, their ultimate goal has been to find the children kidnapped because of the political repression that took place in the Argentine republic during the last military dictatorship.

They fight to return these children to their legitimate families and create conditions to insure that this terrible violation of children’s rights never happens again, seeking punishment all those responsible.When they celebrated their 20th anniversary in 1997, 59 children had recovered their identities and their families.

The abuelas have been recently recognized for their hard work and nominated for the Nobel peace price. You can show your support to their nomination by writing to nobelabuelas@gmail.com and also by sharing their story with friends and family. Visit their website for more on their amazing story story and view their nomination letter.