Aguas Frescas Anyone?

Hot summer days make me long for something refreshing, something fruity. In Mexico, the street vendors have carts with rows of colorful jars of Aguas Frescas. Horchata, sandia, agua de melon, piña… and on a day like today, any one of them will do.

A mix of fresh fruit cereal or seeds, water and sugar, Aguas Frescas (translates literally to Fresh Waters) are drinks that originated in Mexico but are now found throughout Central America and the United States. These light drinks, often hand made my mashing whatever fruit is in season with a fork and adding only the amount of water necessary, offset and cool the mouth from spicy foods.

Far away from Mexico but interested in making one to try for yourself? Follow one of these recipes. They might not be traditional, but they sure do look muy rico.

Photo courtesy of Eric Heath aka P200Eric