An Open Letter to XM Radio

Dear XM Radio:

You have let your customers of the Latino persuasion down. Particularly, yours truly. The reason I chose your service over Sirius was due to the great amount of Latin stations that you had.

Seriously, you had 5 really neat, distinct channels: Fuego (reggaeton), Viva (latin pop), Aguila (regional mexican/tejano on Sundays), Caliente (mostly salsa/merengue), and Caricia (latin oldies).

Now, after your merger with el perrito, all you have is Caliente that mashes everything together. And TWO French stations (see below). I don’t think that you’ll be hearing, “Bonjour, señor” anytime soon from Latinos.

However, the way you’re headed, you’ll be hearing “Au revoire, XM!”. Let us know if you’d like any help in reaching back out to people like me. We’d love to show you how word-of-mouth can better (rather than taint) your service.


P.S.: Having your call center in Bangalore tell me that my input into why I want to cancel my service will not reach management is bad word-of-mouth and horrible customer relationship management.

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