And now…a word from accounting:

Sandy is our accountant at Mercury Mambo.  She is a senior citizen and has never blogged in her life…until now!

I have never blogged before in my entire life!  Being a senior citizen, I was never really inspired nor did I see the need, until now.  A recent experience at work has excited me to the point that I felt I HAD to blog!

I have always loved coming to work every day at Mercury Mambo because we have such a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  We are led by 3 amazing women, who not only know what they are doing –  they also know, respect and appreciate what we are all doing.  They seem to have a talent for appreciating the talents of others.

Having said all of that, the event that compelled me to blog was this:

I was asked to participate in a team of four other Mambo employees to create an idea for a project for one of our largest clients.  Everyone in the company participated.  The project was made into a competition!   At first, I really didn’t want to participate, but fortunately was not given a choice.  All teams were very diverse and made up of individuals from different departments.

Yes, little old me, the senior citizen, bean counting, fanatical numbers lady got to work on a team with creatives!!  What an experience!  As our team met, ideas began to roll!  I learned that there must be some little creative person hidden deep inside my soul just waiting to get out!  My team even decided to use my idea for our project!!  What a thrill!  They picked my idea!  My team did not win, but it was OK with me.  What a great experience!  (Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!) There were so many amazing ideas that came out of the exercise.

The part that is so amazing to me is that the partners of this company recognize that good ideas can come from anyone.  What a brilliant way to get the creative juices going.  Just another way for them to recognize publicly that every employee, from the newest intern to the most senior employee has value and can contribute!  What an exciting way to get opinions and ideas from a wide variety of ages and ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

That’s my blog!  It wasn’t too hard!  I just want the world to know what an amazing place Mercury Mambo is and this seemed to be the easiest way to get the story out!

Sr. Bean Counter