Comida Trends of 2008

Experts have predicted our 2008 food trends. Whats “in” for this year? It looks like ethnic foods high in flavor are. Hispanic, Greek, and Asian: The more exotic, the more we will crave it. Consumers will be increasingly willing to try new fruits, spices, vinegars and ethnic preparations, experts say. Indian, Indian-fusion and Japanese cuisine are moving toward the mainstream, while the adventurous will try Korean and African foods.

Other trends include purchasing Local, fresh, natural, organic, Eco-friendly food, something we Austinites have supported for years. If you dine on and utilize foods grown or produced locally whenever possible, you will now be called a “locavore”. Not just the new food buzzword, but the “Word of the Year” by the New Oxford American Dictionary.

According to the Austin Chronicle’s Best of 2007 list , we are moving towards these trends. Local restaurant favorites include Magnolia Cafe, Chuy’s , El Arroyo and Trudy’s offer food that is part Mexican and part Austin original, with lots of vegetarian (and some organic) options. We also have local restaurants that offer “Mexonesian” (Polynesian & Mexican) and Hawaiian fusion food on their menu like Roys and Hula Hut. Austin 360 serves as the database to find such or other ethnically diverse restaurants by category and even price.

So if you choose to jump on the wagon, Austin is ready and one step ahead of you.