Beat the heat with summer traditions

Hola todos,

I’m a new intern at the Mambo; I like to write about random musings that translate into bigger cultural ideas.

The blistering heat that swept across Austin yesterday got me thinking about what I used to do as a kid to combat those hot Texas summers.

When that magical mix of leather and sweat begins to paralyze you to your car seat, you know there’s nothing powerful enough to break that superhuman bond like a snow cone. With a sparkle in his eye, my dad would sing, “Who wants a raspa?!” before veering off the road to our local snow cone stand. Leche canela always trumped other flavors.

Mi abuela had her own concoction to ward off the heat: vanilla ice cream and crushed fresh strawberries topped with sweetened condensed milk. One styrofoam cup of that and it was off to the backyard once again.

My great grandmother didn’t have air conditioning in her lime green house, so she created her own: lo ultimo homemade iced tea. Sorry if you’re drooling.

We’d sit in her tiny kitchen, eat Nacho Cheese Doritos and play a round (or two) of dominoes.

This summer, seek out the cositas that help you beat the heat. Chances are, when you think back, it’ll be the memories that stick out in the forefront. And the heat, just a distant detail in the background.