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The Best Social Media Strategy in Hispanic Marketing? Latino Social Media Stars

By Liz Arreaga

Brand advertising has its own place in marketing, however, there’s nothing like identifying the influentials of the target demographic and have them give your brand a voice. Various platforms are available to accomplish this — from blogs to Instagram and Facebook — and each platform can deliver unique brand messaging from social rock stars that use the product!

I recently ran across an article, “What Every Marketer Should KNow about Latino Influencer Platforms,” that spoke to this very issue.

Latinos are connected not only to each other through technology, but are connected to their friends, family and culture by what they share on social media. For example, the article notes that Facebook is the #1 go-to platform the U.S. Hispanics: 71% use Facebook to connect with friends.

What’s more, because Latinos are content creators on these platforms:

These content creators bring something that traditional media can’t replicate: themselves. They are mission- authentic and passionate with deep knowledge of their niches. This gives them the ability to build deeper, more authentic and culturally relevant human relationships with their audience. Consumers can relate more to a real person with a story and a platform than they can relate to a large media corporation using paid talent. No wonder Hispanic consumers are discovering them and following them in increasingly larger numbers and why traditional media is struggling to find its footing in this fast-changing content landscape.

In other words, it’s time for marketers not only to use social platforms to reach Hispanics, but to work with Hispanic stars on these social media platforms to create more authentic relationships with consumers and go beyond just “reaching” them and engage with them.

The whole article is great and worth checking out here.

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