Can Latinos Help Marketers ‘Cross the Chasm?’ – Forbes

Sixty Million Hispanics Purchasing PowerAn interesting article talking about new products, especially tech companies, whose first consumer target is early adopters. But….if consumers are looking for value more now than ever – maybe because it’s the residual effect from the recession, it takes time for products to establish themselves as bringing “true” value…so traditional early adopters are not adopting so fast. Now what?

Here are a couple of items I pulled from this article.

“If all consumers are striving for value and take the approach of ‘wait and see,’” – “the new products will never be able to take off or take much longer to succeed in the marketplace.

“But what happens when technology and barriers to entry are so low that design and technology are no longer a differentiator?”

You go out and look for a niche that are large and are early adopters – HISPANICS!!

By going early with Latinos, organizations have a way to engage the early market.  But they may also have a way to engage a large part of the entire market.