Chef Carlos seeks good lemon-lime recipe

Top Chef’s Chef Carlos Fernandez invites all Latinos to submit their best recipe containing 7UP. This recipe can be anything from appetizers to entrées and it can be baked, fried, cooked, you name it . The main rule is that it has to have that lemon-lime taste provided by 7UP. So bring out your cooking tools and creativity and show him what you can do! The recipes can be submitted online, by mail, or even personally handed to chef Carlos himself. He will hold a tour across the U.S. where he will demonstrate how to cook his favorite 7UP recipes.

Here are the tour dates:

Los Angeles, Ca: May 8 – 25th
Phoenix, AZ: June 2 – 8th
Houston, TX: June 16 – 29th
Dallas, TX: June 30- July 13th
Chicago, IL: July 13 – 27th

For more information and contest rules, visit the