DDB Life Style Study Finds Men Appreciate Tech Thats Helps Get Shopping Done Faster

Interesting to learn although women find shopping entertaining and a way to escape – men find shopping technical and use technology to escape the pains of shopping. Count me in as one of those who uses technology, mobile and web…to make shopping a tech game and help me avoid crowds, lines, traffic and parking!

When it comes to mobile shopping, the gender gap is alive and well. Data from the DDB Life Style Study looked at mobile shopping patterns by gender and found that men were much more inclined than women to use mobile phones to shop or use QR codes and apps to find the best deals. Perhaps that’s because men don’t like shopping as much as women do; fully 57 percent of women view it as a form of entertainment, versus 44 percent of men. For the guys, technology gets the job done faster.Infographic: Carlos Monteiro