Digital Opportunity: 1 in 4 Pandora Listeners is Latino

Pandora sees 19 million Latino users monthly, making it the #1 music streaming service with Latinos. And, given that Latinos spend more money on music than the “average consumer” — $135 compared to $105 according to Billboard — that’s a pretty significant number.

Though Pandora is not a “Latino” service, the company has shifted its focus in order to serve this growing demographic, which tends to use the service via mobile devices:

For one, Pandora has made a concerted effort to broaden its Latin listener base and build up its Latin library. It boasts three separate genre subdivisions for the music — “Latin,” “Mexico” and “Puerto Rico” — with  27 stations under the “Latin” umbrella alone, and 15 stations under the “Mexican” umbrella. That’s more than the number of stations found under dance, metal or even country. The diversity of stations, in turn, reflects Pandora’s ability to target its users.

Pandora’s growing Latino audience is no accident. The company began surveying its users to determine how to best serve them, and one of their conclusions led them to increase their focus on Latinos (which has also allowed the company to increase advertising by expanding into Spanish language and Hispanic-targeted ads).

Compare Pandora’s approach — putting in the effort to survey users to determine demographics — to Spotify’s, which relied on self-reporting from users, which they found unreliable. Spotify told AdWeek a few years ago that they just didn’t do Hispanic targeting; Pandora has nearly doubled its Hispanic user base since then.

The moral of the story here is that Hispanic marketing is real, and it’s lucrative, and it’s growing. So what’s your favorite station on Pandora?

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