Don’t Cut the TV Cord – Multicultural audience behaviors are driving the future of television

The online and mobile behaviors of the multicultural viewer (content consumer in this case) is having a huge impact on our next generation of content. Will we even call it TV? Are we all still viewers…or are we participants. Participating viewers?

The mobilization of the television experience is being driven by millennials. From my perspective, although cable and traditional providers are seeking to complement programming with social and streaming – they aren’t thinking far enough ahead to imagine a world with no cable at all. Was AT&T surprised by the evaporation of landlines? I think their answer was “Meh.” Personally – I haven’t had a landline in 7 years and haven’t watched cable TV in over a decade. I buy what I want on Netflix, Hulu and iTunes. It’s what all the cool kids are doing!

By Debby GarbatoIn recent years, more people have been “pulling the plug” on paid TV in favor of inexpensive and more varied digital media. While this involves all demographics, it is particularly significant for cable companies targeting ethnic customers. These groups consume far more media than Anglos.

This has prompted cable companies to create complimentary content involving online, mobile and other platforms. They are also featuring better quality ethnic TV shows covering more genres. While cannibalizing existing programming models is a concern, the fear of going the way of the pre-recorded CD industry looms larger.

“Look what happened in the music business with iTunes,” said Navarrow Wright, CTO of Interactive One, a media company focused on Black and Latino consumers. “In an age of personification, the challenge is how to connect users throughout the day. Cultural relevance is more important now than ever.”