El arte por el arte

Mercury Mambo worked closely with artists Christina Sosa and Joe Bravo as they judged art submitted for the Dr Pepper Sabrosura art contest. Although these Mexican- American artists are natives of Texas and California, their heritages have proved a real influence in their works. This can be clearly seen in Sosa’s “Mi Loteria” collection and Bravo’s collection of Tortilla art featuring faces like Cantinflas’ and Che Guevara’s.


As Austinites, we are lucky to have Mexicarte museum in our vicinity. And just an hour away (San Antonio) The Alameda is there “To tell the story of the Latino experience in America through art, history and culture” and keep us up to date with the modern latino influenced art.

Come join the Mambitos as they take a roadtrip to Alameda museum to check out their current “Latinas” and “¡Azúcar! The Life and Music of Celia Cruz” exhibits in April.