El Chavo @ Tar-Jay

So a Friday date night for me these days is no longer about strolling 6th street, but rather strolling around Target.

During my most recent stroll, I noticed a perfectly set end cap display promoting El Chavo dolls and games. It was so perfect that I wish I knew who to give props to because they should know that my Tar-Jay did a great job at placing this culturally relevant display in a major alley and not at the back of the store.

El Chavo is a cultural icon dating back to the 70s and offers many fond memories for many generations. After a bit of research, it turns out that Fundex launched this campaign around Three Kings Day, supporting the animated series on Univision.

Wow – what a legacy El Chavo has had. Now thanks to Target, his humor and heritage lives on and will totally become relevant for my son’s generation.