For Digital Latinas, Cultural Values Play A Role In Online Activity

Latina on ComputerIn understanding how to talk to Digital Latinas, it’s important to remember that cultural values carry over to the digital world. A recent ethnography conducted by Comida Kraft showed that Latina moms, for example, prioritize sharing their heritage with friends, family and especially their kids. Knowing how much this group uses mobile media, Comida Kraft was prompted to launch a recipe share program called Comparte Tu Sabor Latino, or Share Your Latin Flavor, that utilizes Facebook, YouTube, and Comida Kraft’s own mobile website.

Partnering with celebrity chef Alfredo Oropeza, Comida Kraft offers 10 new recipes and videos each month from June through November covering themes like Everyday Latin Flavor, Best Latin Grilling recipes and Latin Dishes Your Kids Will Love.

According to Comida Kraft Senior Manager CRM–Hispanic Segment Tania Cameron, the program has increased their traffic by 135% since it launched in May and doubled their Facebook membership.

The results go to show that it’s not enough to know where Latinas are hanging out online. Marketers need to know what they’re trying to accomplish while there. To that end, Discovery Familia just published the results of a landmark Latina mom study earlier this month called Esa Soy Yo. Here are some of the stand-out trends from Hispanic moms ages 18-49 with kids ages 2-18:

  • 82% say that one of their greatest goals is to be a successful career person.  76% want to graduate from college and 79% look to be an inspiration for their children.
  • Less than 1 in 2 believes she has enough information on health and nutrition to help her make good choices about food and diet.
  • Feel Spanish-language TV has not evolved with them and that there are too many telenovelas. They’d like to see more shows related to: Parenting (50%), Health and Nutrition (46%), Fitness (43%) and Do It Yourself (40%).
  • 79% want their kids to be proud of being Hispanic and 74% feel it is important to be fluent in Spanish and maintain the Spanish language as a part of their culture.

Supporting this ever-growing segment of the population in their long-term goals can ingratiate a brand for a lifetime. The important key to success for any brand is to balance the right media plan with content that speaks to that group’s hopes and dreams.

Photo courtesy of jdlasica