Getting the Big Picture: Interview with Mambo Intern Pamela Patino

Mambo Pamela Patino found us online and said she “fell in love” with our company. We’ve really enjoyed having her on board, her enthusiasm and love of learning is infectious. Learn a little bit more about here below!

Hometown: Houston, TX

College: Texas State University

Major/Minor: Advertising / Communication Studies

1. What’s your education focus?

My education focus is general advertising, but I’m really interested in event management and media planning/buying.

2. What is the single most important thing you’ve learned so far at Mercury Mambo?

To be detailed oriented. I’ve learned that it’s the little things that count. You can’t get the big picture without the small pieces to the puzzle.

3. Where would you like to take the lead in the Advertising Industry and why?

I’m torn between event planning and media planning, these are just areas that caught my attention through school and other experiences.

4. What is most challenging about juggling school and work?

I think the most challenging part of juggling multiple responsibilities, is simply making time when there is none even if it means staying up ’til 3 am getting work done.

5. Single activity that has most prepared you for this internship?

I don’t think there’s just one single activity that has prepared me for this internship. I try to use everything I learned in school and life every time I take on a project.