Getting to Know Hispanic Shoppers

For the past 20 years, marketers have been told that Hispanics are the fastest growing population and will soon become the largest minority population.  For the most part, packaged goods companies recognize the need to market to the U.S. Hispanic consumer, but understanding Hispanics as a shopper is very different.  For example, Hispanic shoppers usually shop with their kids, are pressured for time and are on a budget.

The million dollar questions though, are how do you determine the insights, how do you leverage those insights in the grocery store environment and how do you measure the ROI?

Companies study Hispanic shoppers in various ways.  There are syndicated studies such as Simmons and Yankelovich that can help marketers identify and understand trends in behavior. Savvy companies are incorporating Hispanic sales tracking mechanisms into their own ongoing tracking efforts. The path to purchase is much larger than than just what’s measured “in-store” via sales tracking.
At the end of the day, the best way to study the Hispanic shopper is to understand pre-store, in-store and post-store behaviors and marketing levers that influence the final decision of “purchase”.
The companies that are excelling and leveraging their dollars most efficiently, are combining learnings from every angle and combining them to create a 360 degree approach to their marketing mix. Chances are if you ask yourself, “What companies are doing the best job of reaching out to their Hispanic consumers?” your answers will support this one, simple answer – there is no substitution for finding insights that are supported by and based in data and knowledge of your consumer.
Photo attribution: qmnonic