H-E-B’s Men’s Zone is Muy Macho

Texas-based grocery retailer H-E-B, in partnership with P&G, is testing a new Men’s Zone floorplan concept in three of it’s San Antonio area stores. The concept features a manly blue-lit aisle complete with flat screen TVs and over 534 male personal care products.

According to a report in the San Antonio Express-News, P&G pitched the concept a year ago requesting the San Antonio area to debut the concept due to its large Hispanic population which generally spends more money on general grooming products.

We think this is a smart move. It may event prove to be genius. Why, you ask? Hispanic males tend to shop more frequently than their anglo counterparts. This number goes even higher among recent arrivals. It is not uncommon to see groups of 3-4 Hispanic men filling up two grocery carts on a weekly basis.

And, if you’ve ever been to a Latino nightclub on a Saturday night, you know this target is right on.

Positive initial sales results validate not only increased interest in the category, but also the power of this consumer segment. P&G has obviously done its Hispanic shopper marketing homework, uncovered key insights, and acted upon them. The results: total sales of products +11%, body wash product sales +37%.

What Hispanic shopper insights have you uncovered? Are you ready to act?