Happy Independence Day To The USA, America Y Más

By Casey Hitchcock

The United States celebrates it’s 239th year of independence on July 4! Many across the country will be watching fireworks, attending celebrations and cooking out with family and friends. While it’s a long Holiday weekend, you can keep the celebration going throughout July with these Latin American independence days  that hold festivals and firework shows in the U.S. and in their country of origin.



Venezuela celebrates 204 years of independence on July 5, 2015, and it was typically celebrated in Miami, Florida at the Sun Life Stadium’s annual festival. However, Wilmington, North Carolina is stepping up to celebrate this year by hosting LIBRE on July 26.

More information for this event can be found here.




Argentina’s independence day is celebrated in Houston, Texas, which is July 9. Casa Argentina de Houston celebrates many holidays with cook outs, conferences, and festivals.

You can find more information on this independence day festival, as well as many others here.



Colombian Independence is also celebrated in Houston, Texas, at Colombian Fest. The festival is an event full of dancing, music, and good food that is hosted on July 12, which will mark 205 years of independence for Colombia.

Check out this celebration here.




Peruvians celebrate their independence on two days: July 28 and July 29. The first day celebrates the day that their independence was claimed, and it is their official independence day. The second day is a celebration of the Armed Forces and National Police. Their festivals and events are mostly held in Lima, which includes a large parade and a lot of colorful costumes.

If you happen to be in Peru at the time, you can attend the parade as well as a firework show on July 27. If not, you can host your own celebration that includes their traditional stew, anticucho, and the national drink, pisco sours.

More information on their celebrations and what you can do to celebrate with them can be seen here and here.



In addition to the independence days occurring in July, Santiago Apostol is a fairly common celebration in many countries. From Mexico to Puerto Rico and beyond, Santiago Apostol is a popular day for many people who share this tradition.

Popular events to honor this day include the Feast of Saint James in Spain and the Fiesta de Santiago Apóstol in Puerto Rico, and most events include large dinners, national fiestas, and firework shows.

Here’s where you can find more on these international celebrations and ways that you can be involved here and here

Who knew there was so much to celebrate in July.

Enjoy and Viva America!