Hispanic Women Poised To Be World’s Most Powerful Online Consumer

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A November 2011 study from Nielsen called Women of Tomorrow: US Multicultural Insights states Women of all ethnicities use media in similar ways, with one key exception: smartphones. Just 33 percent of Caucasian women have a smartphone in their household, compared to penetration rates in the 60s for women of other ethnicities.

In fact, Hispanic women outnumber all other groups of women in the study, which also included Asian-Americans and African-Americans, to come in at a 65% smart phone usage rate over the 61% usage reported for Asian and African-American women.

Additionally, Nielsen calls out Hispanic Americans as the leading ethnic group for marketers to grow as overall consumer demand shrinks.

Hispanics are now the fastest growing ethnic group, a trend that has tremendous ramifications on media, retail and manufacturers now and in the years ahead.

Couple this with the fact that women control the majority of household spending decisions, (Nielsen calls women the world’s most powerful single demographic), and you can see why Hispanic women are the ones to watch when making your media plan for 2012 and beyond.

This is something social media marketers have yet to perfect, however, as the study finds that women are less influenced by social media ads than men. In particular, Nielsen finds that only 5% of American women are influenced by standard web ads and only 5% are influenced by web ads in a social context. That number goes up to 8% when women are able to see that their friends engaged with the ad in a social media environment.

How can this be when women are primary consumers of social media? Nielsen weighs in:

Marketers need to think about how they can create opportunities that will get women more intimately engaged with their brands, products and solutions using online platforms. Digital ads must be designed for an online audience; simply posting print ads online is not sufficient.

 As Hispanics become poised to consume the American landscape and women continue to be the primary purchaser in the household, Hispanic women could take over Nielsen’s so-called world’s most powerful single demographic title. With a little forethought, your brand could be right there to usher them in.