Hispanic Youth Culture Fashion Trends Influence the U.S. Landscape

From Label Networks Global Youth + Street Culture Intelligence:

cr15533021.jpgLabel Networks’ Hispanic Youth Culture Study 07’ uncovered new results on how the growing demographic of 13-24-year-olds in the United States is impacting the future of fashion in the youth culture in terms of top brands, influences, spending patterns, lifestyle traits, and trends.

With Hispanics being the 2nd largest population group in the United States, and the fastest growing demographic of young people overall, it is important to note what is influencing their fashion trends. The study looks at the Hispanic youth culture as a profile compared with other demographics; top new brands are unexpectedly considered favorites. The source for finding out about these new styles is greatly influenced from the streets over other fashion mediums.

Stores have been seen as not being as influential because many young people do not think that they represent their lifestyle. The internet is also an important fashion source for 15-17 year olds. The brand name has interestingly been discovered to not be as influential in terms of buying a specific brand among Hispanic youth culture and instead aspects of style, comfort, and fit outweigh the brand name itself.

In global youth culture studies, the question, “Which country do you think is producing the freshest fashion trends today?” was asked:

· 40.3% overall in the Hispanic Youth Culture Study believe that the USA is producing the freshest fashion trends.

· Of these, 56.1% of males and 29.3% of females have a real sense of nationalistic pride for the USA producing the freshest fashion trends.

The spending patterns related to fashion in general as well as denim, T-shirts, and footwear, represent a market opportunity for new brands to make headway as well as a renovation of fresh ideas for older brands. Look out for Hispanic youth inspired fashion in the very near future!