Hispanicize 2012 Kicks Off In Miami

This week the annual Hispanic marketing conference Hispanicize kicked off it’s third year with 700+ participants traveling to Miami April 12 and 13 looking to find the most cutting edge strategies for garnering the attention of Latino eyeballs. With the addition of a Latino film festival, this year, creators of the event are billing it as a turning point in its evolution.@darielacruz

“Think SXSW for Latinos,” Hispanicize Co-Founder and Chairman Manny Ruiz says. “It’s PR on steroids. We went way beyond simply increasing PR and social media sessions. This reflects the evolution of PR and blurring of the lines. Film, media, social media—it’s all a vehicle for communicating with this growing demographic. We’re rolling it all together.”

Hispanicize is now being marketed as the “iconic annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, marketing, entertainment and innovation.” and has graduated to having an official airline (Southwest) and a corral of celebrity guests including Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, legendary Latino music producer Emilio Estefan and Latina TV tycoon Nely Galán who was the first Latina president of a U.S. television network (Telemundo).

Ruiz adds that the event, (“It’s not a conference. Those are drab and boring.”) has picked up three times the corporate sponsorship of Hispanicizes past. The event’s film festival, The National Latino Film Showcase, is a co-production with Latin Heat Media and Getty Images Hispanic and is sponsored by BlackBerry and global alcoholic beverages company Diageo.  Other sponsors include Cricket Wireless, Starz, Regal Cinemas, Bacardi USA and HATUEY Cuban-Style Ale.

Thursday’s panels included discussions on social media and how marketers can engage with Latino bloggers, of which there’s been an explosion since 2009 according to Gustavo Razzetti, Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer at Grupo Gallegos.

On Friday’s agenda, culminating with a screening of Scarface, are scheduled talks on Fútbol Marketing in 2012, Keys to SEO Success for Your U.S. Hispanic Websites, and A Holistic Approach to Engage Influencers, Manage Reputations and Deliver Results for Advocacy and Public Affairs Programs in Latin America.

While it’s difficult to measure the results of an event like Hispanicize, that hasn’t stopped SXSW from growing into a behemoth. If for no one else but the Hispanicize organizers, this looks like it could be a profitable trend.


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